Easy Tips to Solve WordPress HTTP error when uploading images

 It wouldn't be wrong to say that errors make your website slow down. No doubt that WordPress is the most used and preferred CMS in the world. But errors are like obstruction in user convenience. It doesn't only waste lots of time of users but also slows down the website. WordPress HTTP Error When Uploading images is one of the annoying errors that you come across with. If you don't know about the solutions, it can exhaust your valuable time and endeavor.

Do you know more than two lakhs of users leave the website because of this error? While using the website, you don't want any obstacle in uploading an image to your WordPress website. There is not a single reason responsible for this error. Moreover, to fix the WordPress Image upload HTTP error, there are several solutions to fix.

Boost the PHP memory of the WordPress website

The memory issue of the website is responsible for many common WordPress errors. No doubt that PHP memory exhaustion is also one of the reasons for image uploading error. So you should increase the PHP memory of the website. You can do it simply by navigating the WordPress files through FTP credential and CPanel details. Find the file names wp-config.php file in your root folder. Now you should replace the memory of default 64M. Search the code define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M' ); and put 256 in the place of 64.

Now your new code is define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M' )
This will increase your WordPress limit from default to 256M

Resize the Image of the website

Often the size of the Image creates a problem in uploading. Make sure the size is uploading is compatible enough to store in the size. Take the help of your designer or image editor and resize your Image. The Image should give according to the standards size given on the website.

Change the format of the Image

Sometimes we have seen that WordPress website doesn't accept a specific format of Image. So make sure you are using the appropriate format of Image. There are PNG, JPEG, GIF, and all types of image formats are available. Check which of these are applicable to your WordPress website?

Check if the Http Image Upload Error in WordPress is temporary

Sometimes users get WordPress HTTP error when uploading images due to unusual traffic on the website. So you should wait for a while and then try again later. If the unusual traffic is the reason, then your error will be solved automatically when traffic becomes slow. If not, then you should try other methods to solve the error.

Change the Website image editor

The PHP framework present on the WordPress website utilizes two image editors for image uploading. The first one is the Imagick, and the second one is the GD library. You need to check which of these images uploading the editor is utilized by your WordPress website. Imagick always has memory issues. If we talk about the GD library, then it is a default image editor. Try to use only one image editor instead of two. It is highly recommended to use the GD library for problem-free image uploading.

 Edit in .htaccess file

One of the WordPress Imagick utilizes server resources. Ask your web host to provide unlimited Imagick features. Users can upload multiple images, but this can cause WordPress image upload HTTP error so write the following code in .htaccess file


Uninstall WordPress plugins

WordPress plugins are also one of the reasons for several errors on the website. You can log in to your WordPress admin. Go to the dashboard section and tap on the plugins activated on the website. Remove every plugin one after one and also install them one by one. Refresh the website after every reinstall of WordPress. Once you find the specific plugins on the website that was causing an error in uploading Image then remove it permanently.

Clear all your cookies and cache of the website

Check your website, see the caches and cookies. Often caches and cookies on the website halt the image uploading. So remove all the cookies and cache might solve the WordPress error. Although this is the least reason for the error, you still need to try it.

Concluding thought

The design of a website is successful when there are well-structured content and images. The image placement and visualization attract users. When you find Http Image Upload Error in WordPress, you can try the above-mentioned methods. These methods will definitely fix your image error issues. However, if you haven't got success after implementing these tips, then you need to discuss your errors with your web host or WordPress engineer.

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